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Blue Spoon Farm

A small family style farm in central New York. We are working to build a diverse and sustainable farm using permaculture principles and holistic management practices. Established in 2009 in Groton, NY the Blue Spoon Farm has moved. In January 2020 the Farm moved to Odessa, NY. At the Blue Spoon Farm we do not use chemical pesticides or fungicides on our vegetables or in our animal feeds. We purchase our grain locally directly from the grower. We are not a certified organic farm but we do source organic products when possible. All of our animals are treated humanely and are all allowed access to organic pasture when it is available and green. We practice rotational grazing with our goats and sheep in an effort to provide the animals with healthy high quality pasture. Delivery is available to Montour Falls, Watkins Glen, and the Ithaca area - in small quantities, by appointment, at no extra cost. I can ship USDA processed meat but the pricing is not reflected here. If you are a customer who wishes to have items shipped please check with your local FedEx carrier as I will ask you to pay for the delivery directly to FedEx by phone. Often for religious reasons, or to cut down on costs, or create a special cut, people wish to butcher their own meat. Please contact our farm (607) 898-9050 to make arrangements before ordering. We do not have on farm slaughter but are willing to contact neighboring farms who may be able to offer space.




Whole, live animal pricing ($/lb. live weight)

Young sheep


Young Goat


Whole, live animal pricing ($/lb. live weight)

Kid goat, Cabrito: Usually available beginning in February.

Accepts Payment Plans!


Blue Spoon Farm
5105 STATE RT 224
ODESSA, NY 14869


Blue Spoon
(607) 898-9050

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