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Dutch Barn Farm

Treat yourself to delicious lamb from Dutch Barn Farm in Montgomery County in the Mohawk River Valley. These fat tail lambs were born in April and May and grown on our family farm. We use rotational pasture rearing to ensure their welfare and protect the environment. This lamb is up to 10,000 miles fresher than imported meat! Pasture raised (100% grass-fed) Fresh No added hormones No antibiotics Delicious We have vacuum sealed packaging options and standard cutting packages. Cost of meat includes cutting to your specifications or standard package options (contact me for more information). We also have packaged USDA inspected kidneys, livers and hearts at $4/pound for our friends looking to make more exotic meals. Lambs can be purchased as whole or half lamb. A whole lamb is 45-60 pounds of meat, a half is 22-30 pounds. Your lamb will be cut, frozen or refrigerated, packaged, and marked. A whole lamb will need about 2 cubic feet of freezer space. We have standard cut packages or we can help you to arrange custom cuts if you prefer. Order yours today.


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Whole lamb price: $400 (That's about $7 per pound for a hanging weight of 60 lb)

Dutch Barn Farm grass fed lamb is available in a variety of individual cuts and in money-saving half or whole lamb packages. The whole lamb hanging weight is approximately 60 lbs. 25% to 30% of this is lost to processing. Therefore, the lamb will yield about 45 lbs. of take-home meat, but can be slightly more or less. Orders can be picked up from the farm or can be delivered if you live nearby. Sorry, but we do not ship. Our lambs are grown for 5 to 6 months to a size of 80+ lbs. and are custom butchered at a New York State or USDA inspected facility. The meat is then cut to your specifications, frozen, packaged, and marked. We are now taking orders for 2017 pasture reared lamb. Meat will be available starting in October. Orders are filled on a first come first served basis, so contact us now to reserve your order.


Dutch Barn Farm
1311 Stone Arabia Rd
Fort Plain, NY 13339


Marc Kratzschmar
(518) 993 4983

Grass Fed (No grain)
Pasture Raised

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