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Crooked Creek Farm

We are a 40-acre farm raising sheep for fiber and meat. Our sheep are of mixed heritage with Suffolk, Rambouillet, Finn, and Cormo, creating an interesting mix with good meat and wool qualities. Our sheep are maintained on pasture from May until November, and are fed good quality legume hay throughout the winter months. A mineral/salt supplement is provided. Ewes are fed a pelleted grain ration for a few weeks before lambing and for a few weeks after.
Wool fleece
(old product format)

$6.50 lb HCW whole lamb 7.00 lb HWC half lamb

Whole or half lamb, available from June to December 2017. Hanging weights will be 40-50 lbs.

Wool fleece


Crooked Creek Farm
288 Harford Road
Brooktondale, NY 14817


Amy Glaser
607 351 8691

Pasture Raised

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