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Smithview Farm

Smithview Farm is located near Pittsboro,N.C. We specialize in 100% Angus grassfed grass finished beef. We are certified by the American Grassfed Association(AGA). Our grazing management utilizes holistic planned techniques to preserve the soil, hold the water and carbon to constantly improve microbial behavior. We constantly rotate our herd to different pastures with fresh forages to consume. Thus, our steers are raised in a low stress environment of calm, open pastures feeding on mother's milk and high quality forages from birth to harvest. They are never confined to muddy, crowded conditions or feedlots.


1/8th,1/4th,1/2th or whole


$/lb. HCW including processing

We also offer individual cuts and ground beef; call for individual cuts pricing


10lb ground beef package


Bulk Packages (flat package pricing / not per lb.)

ground beef package- 1lb packs

Accepts Payment Plans!


Smithview Farm
855 Wade Harris Rd
Pittsboro, NC 27312


Jim Smith

Grass Fed (No grain)

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