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Camp Glory Farm

Camp Glory Farm is a non-profit ministry of Siloam Missionary Homes. The farm began in 1992 with a focus to work with children as well as bringing in some income to aide in that process. At Camp Glory Farm we raise Dorper sheep, Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats, alpacas, chickens, ducks, and guinea. Our sheep are raised primarily on pasture and typically born early Spring. Lambs are available for purchase once weaned. Ram lambs that are not sold by 7-9 months are then processed for meat sales. The primary purpose of Camp Glory Farm is to allow missionary children a safe place in which they can adjust from overseas living into the American culture through the interaction with our animals. Due to the fast-changing pace in our country today, there can be various hardships that these families face when they return to the USA. The animals are therapeutic for these families and help aide in the adjustment process.


Whole Lamb


Whole, live animal pricing ($/lb. live weight)

Our Dorper Lambs are raised primarily on grass and are born between February and April each year. Lambs are weaned at 3 months of age and are available for purchase at this time.We can deliver it to the processor or they can be picked up live at the farm. They average around 70-100 pounds live weight. Sometimes we have allowed them to get a little bigger, but they are always taken to processing under a year old.


Camp Glory Farm
1053 Quakenbush Road
Snow Camp, NC 27349


Rachel George

Grass Fed (No grain)
Pasture Raised

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