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CATHIS, stands for Caleb, Thor, and Isla, our children’s names. CATHIS Farm is working to provide an understanding of where food comes from, and what it takes to raise it. We believe that treating animals humanely, in their natural environment, and with the highest quality feed produces a superior product for both our family and yours. We are veteran owned and operated practicing sustainable farming techniques in raising heritage breed pasture pork and non hybrid chicken breeds for both eggs and meat. We strive to produce meat that is nutritious, free of chemicals, and sustainable. Our animals are raised outdoors on pasture and rotated to maintain soil health. We only feed USDA certified organic non-gmo livestock feed that is custom milled locally in NC. We are very transparent about how the farm is operated and welcome anyone to call and come to visit us. Raising animals the way nature intended.


Whole Chicken


Pasture raised on our farm in Lillington, our Freedom Ranger meat chickens are moved daily to fresh grass and fed NC grown and milled certified organic feed.



$/lb. HCW including processing


544 Falcon Rd
Lillington, NC 27546


David Pflugfelder

Pasture Raised
Heritage Breed

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