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B.R. Jeffers Farms

B.R. Jeffers Farms is located in the Woodsdale township of beautiful Person County, North Carolina. Owner/operator Ray Jeffers operates the families Century old farm. Rays great-grandfather Corneilus Jeffers (C.J.) purchased the family farm in 1919, a tobacco farmer C.J. ensured a legacy to follow. For a century the farm provided a way of means for C.J.s family. Ray has transitioned the once tobacco farm to the farm to table market. Providing seasonal vegetables and pasture raised pork direct sell at markets, and restaurants


Whole hog (finished)


Whole, live animal pricing ($/head)

Whole hog grown to a finished live weight of 250-300lbs.


10lb Breakfast Sausage box


Bulk Packages (flat package pricing / not per lb.)

10 lbs of our whole hog pork sausage in 1lb packs . Mild/Hot/Xtra Hot/ Xtra Sage

Accepts Payment Plans!


B.R. Jeffers Farms
1138 Concord Ceffo Rd
Roxboro , NC 27574


Ray Jeffers

Pasture Raised

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