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JPK Farms

Angus and Simmental and SimAngus beef cattle raised on the farm for meat production. JPK Farms sells young whole or half cows, steers and bulls live to customers, or delivered to the Abbitoir for harvesting according to customer specifications. We also sell select cuts of beef USDA inspected and vacuum packaged in plastic and fresh frozen. Customers may contact JPK Farms for current availability and price list.


Whole live cow


Whole, live animal pricing ($/head)

Angus, Simmental and SimAngus cows at market prices on the hoof, or $2.00/lb. by carcass weight at the processing plant; or select cuts by the pound.


JPK Farms
PO Box 11245 (3341 43rd Avenue NE, Hickory NC 28601)
Hickory, NC 28603


Ken Manfredi

Pasture Raised

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