Find Your Farmer. Fill Your Freezer.

MeatSuite.com is a resource for farmers raising meat and consumers buying meat in New York and North Carolina. As we help consumers connect with local farmers to buy meat in bulk, we also expand the local market for livestock farmers selling their farm-raised products.

MeatSuite includes a “suite” of services and tools to aid local farms selling meat:

  • Bulk meat product directory: a free directory of bulk and bundled meat products sold directly to consumers by NY and NC farms. Consumers visit MeatSuite.com, enter their zip code, find farms and bulk meat products near them, and contact the farm to arrange a purchase. Farms create a free account and list their bulk products.
  • Cornell Meat Price Calculator: aids farms in setting prices for their meat products.
  • Cost of Production Estimator: assists farms with an estimation of the cost of product for one animal based on the farm’s own data as well as USDA Census of Agriculture data.
  • Currently in development: a searchable Directory of Meat Processors and a Bundle Builder tool, which will assist farmers in creating and pricing bundles of meat cuts for sale to consumers.

MeatSuite originated with Cornell University in 2012. MeatSuite was adopted by NC Choices at North Carolina State University in 2020, in partnership with Cornell.

For more information in NY: contactNY@meatsuite.com
For more information in NC: contactNC@meatsuite.com
Media inquiries: media@meatsuite.com