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What is Halal Meat?

You might have noticed that new on the MeatSuite site is our "Halal Available" button. When they join the site or edit their profile, farms are able to select the Halal button to add it to their farm's other attributes ("heritage," "grass-fed," etc.). We have added this option in an attempt to increase the accessibility of Halal Meat sourced locally in NYS, a cause we are excited about pursuing in the coming months and years of our project!

Farms may be curious about what Halal actually entails, and before they select "Halal Available" we ask that they read this page to understand and learn more.

Please note that these qualifications are the absolute strictest definition of Halal, and many other Muslims may follow a more relaxed version of these rules. Certain individuals may be looking to purchase an animal live on the hoof and may just need an approved space within which to slaughter. Others may not even need to kill the animal themselves, but would rather recite the prayer during the slaughter or have their hand guided by a trained processor. If you offer any of these services, you can list your farm as "Halal Available" as well.

Please feel free to contact us at contact@meatsuite.com with any questions or concerns.